How'd They Vote?

It's finally up. My Canadian politics feature which i've been tinkering with for the last few months (at my leisure) is now in a presentable fashion, and has been published; see the voting history of your MP.

A while back both a friend of mine and myself were interested in a proposed bill in the House of Commons, and started watching its progress. I found there was a lot of interesting information available, but the Library of Parliament website was somewhat lacking: there weren't any statistics on MP voting behaviour, or anything of the sort. The information was there, but in a form which requires a lot of interpretation. I wondered how often my MP (Betty Hinton) was absent from votes, or how often she had broken the party line and voted how her constituents wanted her to.

So I started working on HTV. A few simple algorithms answered those questions, and i'm slowly expanding the features in my free time. Enjoy!