Enter the Press

Word is getting out about "How'd They Vote". Today I had my second interview with the press.

I'm pleased; it looks like howdtheyvote.ca is going to take off. On Thursday I spoke with Paul Samyn of the Winnipeg Free Press, and today I spoke with Sue Bailey of the Canadian Press. I haven't seen Paul's article, which was to be published on Sunday; perhaps it was held up. Sue's piece will likely go on the wire tonight, or tomorrow. In any event, i'll post links to those articles as they become available.

Traffic is slowly increasing. The 3rd reading of bill C-38 was a great opportunity to get some attention. Blake made a post to redflagdeals which has brought in 110 unique visitors so far. Google continues to do its part by bringing in a regular stream of visitors (despite the low pagerank), but I suspect wikipedia will soon take the crown as the top referrer.

Now I need to watch out... there's a few glaring problems which could explode:
1. the MP stats page gets slightly mangled in IE at low resolution
2. the web hosting company HTV is currently hosted on isn't very good; relocation is inevitable