Gainfully employed

It's official: i'm now the newest employee of Refractions Research in Victoria.

On Wednesday morning, I jumped in the car and drove down to Victoria: 4.5 hours to the ferry terminal, ~ 2 hours across, and the journey from Swartz Bay to UVic gave me an arrival time around 4:30 PM. On the boat I had cracked open Jack's Autobiography "My Own Brand", and proceeded to read it until the ODC meeting where I met up with a few friends.

I'm really enjoying Jack's book so far: what a guy! I'm just about to get to the part where he crosses the floor, and i've consistently been laughing at his comments and behaviour throughout. He had integrity and class, and one hell of a sharp tongue. Even though he was a Conservative, I can't say I really disagree with many of the opinions he held; there is the occasional old-school view, but I can see where he's coming from. You can definitely tell when he gets caught off guard though: it seems to be common practice of the day to just call your opponent a communist and nothing else need be said...

I had the good fortune of staying with friends in Oak Bay, and met with Phil and Jody on Thursday morning at Refractions. Anyways, the interview went pretty well; it was hectic as usual, but I did reasonably well and they obviously felt I could do the job. Power Measurement also contacted me wanting a second interview, but I gave the issue much consideration and respectfully declined their invitation. Today I drove home to load up with the essentials for the next couple weeks. I did some searching for a place to live; my best prospect is a shared condo which i'm in the running for (to be decided on Sunday). In the meantime, i'll crash on a friend's couch until I secure something... so i'm still half-looking for a place to live in Victoria, fairly close to downtown.