I finally had an opportunity to climb Mount Arrowsmith yesterday.

We took the Judge's Route, and it was absolutely gorgeous. When driving up-island it was raining, but by the time we arrived it was overcast and perfect for hiking. We had a little bit of sun as we hit the top, so it was "not too hot" and "not too cool". Check out a few pictures here.

Arrowsmith is awesome country, but as usual, cut blocks inch closer to the trail heads. Fortunately, the alpine club seems to be making progress in getting Arrowsmith official Park status. We were a little paranoid as a good portion of the trail we were hiking at the approach to the judge's route appeared to be flagged for logging; I do hope it won't be logged, as that area is much too steep to survive a "selective cut".

Anyways, we (myself and 3 buddies from work) had a fantastic hike... given that heavy dose of mountain air, i'll probably be hiking every weekend for a fair while.