Ferry rides, Guinness, and Gipsy Curses

On Thursday a few co-workers and myself departed to Vancouver for the VanGIS users group meeting. A fellow was doing a presentation on open source software in the GIS field, and uDig was featured. We showed up a wee bit late, but caught the gist of the presentation, and had a chance to chat with the people there. Following the talk, the bulk of the group headed to the Railway Club for beers. We learned a bit about what this batch of "users" needed and expected of us. Anyways, the evening progressed on; I went on a guinness kick and had a tasty Reuben sandwich. Some bands took the stage and we continued our casual conversations. Around 10 or 11 the "Inhabitants" came on stage: the tunes were a bit melancoly, but pretty cool nonetheless. By the end we were really enjoying the show, but it may or may not have had something to do with the beer. Throughout the show a co-worker was chatting pretty much the whole time; between 2 songs the vocalist said: "to the guy who was talking throughout the whole song, I put 100 Hungarian curses on you, and believe me I know them." (she had been working on her gipsy image all night). Of course I was talking too, but not consistently like Jody was. It would have been better had he heard her say it. Anyhow, we stayed the night and caught the PCL back to Victoria the next morning.