Federal Electoral Risk 2006

It's election night in Canada, what is one to do? play Risk with federal electoral boundaries, of course!

Adam: NDP
Ashley: Greens
Cory: Liberals
Mark: Conservatives

It turned out to be a fruitful game, with streaming CPAC and canoe.ca's cute little results widget on the projector to distract. The Liberals took the west, the Conservatives Alberta and the east coast, the NDP Manitoba and western Ontario, and the Greens eastern Ontario and Quebec. We started out evenly, with a distributed attack; I kept to myself and built my forces in the west while slowly expanding. My BC holdings were too lucrative and the Albertans thought it necessary to tax my 4 armies per turn bonus. I concentrated my forces on revenge and eliminated the conservative threat, leaving myself severely weakened. Meanwhile, the greens had eradicated the eastern conservatives, and the NDP had filled the vacuum. The NDP started moving west, and I was caught in the crossfire, just shy of being able to cash in my cards. Shortly after the Green Party conquered Canada -- how promising!

Back to reality: the opposite happened; a Conservative minority -- let's see if they can pump those coalition building skills, and get moving on the most important issue of all: electoral reform.