Missing the Mark

Oceanside 10k today; goal: 40:00, actual: 41:03... sigh.

I worked hard the last couple weeks on my running, and have noticed a significant improvement in my strength and speed. Unfortunately that had no effect today, as I ran a 4:06 split, rather than my usual 4:07. The course played out something like this:


Too fast out the gate and died early in the race! A void definitely exists at the 4:00 mark -- a gap develops between those that can break it and those that cannot; mind you, that's a phenomenon for any group of objects moving at constant speed. Next year i'll have to focus on my pace; start slow and ramp up.

Oceanside laid to rest the 2006 Island Race Series. I stuck around for the awards, since I usually take off right after the race, and got a gym bag and a bronze medal out of the deal (needed to run at least 5 of 9 races to place).

rankM 25-29score
1Steve Osaduik883.8
2Trevor Dow703.8
3Cory Horner658.8
4Michael Brown629.2
5Sean Reilly608.2

No complaints here... strangely my age category is one of the weaker ones for turnout. Steve is light years ahead! (and took first place overall in every race); perhaps next year's goal will be to keep him in sight for more than a few minutes.

What's next? June 3rd Gutbuster -- Mt. Doug; July 16th Gutbuster Half -- Westwood Lake (Nanaimo); October 8th Royal Victoria Marathon. I generally take the Gutbusters less seriously and enjoy them more (log hopping and mud is more fun). With the Island Series done, it's time to up the distance (and diversify into more hiking).