Double double

Training continues for the Mount Doug Gutbuster!

Been running a lot lately; for the long weekend I pretty much just ran and worked on HTV.

Fri - Dallas Road (Rockland-Downtown-Clover Point-Gonzales Hill)
Sat - Prior Lake (Scafe Hill)
Sun - Mt Doug (3.5 summits)
Mon - Mt Finlayson (once is enough)
Tue - Mt Doug trails

Fri - Ross bay loop
Sat - Prior Lake (morning), Mt Doug (2.5 summits in evening)
Sun - Mt Doug (3.5 summits morning), Dallas Road-Gonzales Hill (afternoon)

Tues - Mt Doug (3.3 summits)

All that running made up for the time spent indoors: my first 5-in-a-row -- followed by my first double double :) My quads were still in recharge mode today (and it was rather warm out); today's run wasn't as easy as I had hoped, but enjoyable nonetheless. The gutbuster race is on Saturday! Hopefully I'll finally place more honourably, given that my hill strength has grown a fair bit (time to leave the guys twice my age in the dust).