Sunshine Coast Trail - October 2017

The route

SCT map 1 SCT map 2 SCT map 3
1. South of Spring Lake to Lewis Lake, continuing to Tin Hat Mountain Hut (counter clockwise loop).
2. Head south past Spring Lake, Elk Lake, and Coyote Lake (a bit crazy, but only had 2 nights). Sleep at Walt Hill Hut.
3. Hike down Suicide Pass and follow trail until Goat Lake Main where the truck is parked.


Our split times for most of the trail markers are listed at the bottom of this page, for those trying to plan out a similar trip. As you can see, Tin Hat to Walt Hill in one day is possible, but not recommended. I do plan to be back one summer to give this trail the time it deserves.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

locationcamera timesplit
start / 98 / drop-off 2017-10-14 10:49:43  -
lewis lake camp2017-10-14 11:55:251h 5m 42s
922017-10-14 13:03:391h 8m 14s
912017-10-14 13:51:1047m 31s
902017-10-14 15:24:261h 33m 16s
902017-10-15 07:35:41-
892017-10-15 07:56:2520m 44s
882017-10-15 08:09:3413m 9s
spring lake2017-10-15 09:12:451h 3m 11s
98 / drop-off2017-10-15 09:18:556m 10s
992017-10-15 09:32:0913m 14s
1002017-10-15 09:43:0010m 51s
1012017-10-15 09:57:3214m 32s
1022017-10-15 10:09:4712m 15s
1032017-10-15 10:28:4919m 2s
detour start2017-10-15 10:36:337m 44s
detour end2017-10-15 11:41:161h 4m 43s
1092017-10-15 11:57:2816m 12s
elk lake2017-10-15 12:30:5533m 27s
1102017-10-15 13:16:0745m 12s
1152017-10-15 14:40:571h 24m 50s
coyote lake2017-10-15 14:58:0917m 12s
1162017-10-15 15:22:3424m 25s
1172017-10-15 15:34:1411m 40s
1182017-10-15 15:46:0611m 52s
1192017-10-15 16:03:3317m 27s
1202017-10-15 16:28:4825m 15s
walt hilton2017-10-15 16:37:408m 52s
1212017-10-15 16:54:2116m 41s
1222017-10-15 17:20:3926m 18s
1232017-10-15 17:26:516m 12s
1232017-10-16 07:25:14-
1242017-10-16 07:35:2710m 13s
1252017-10-16 07:50:2915m 2s
1262017-10-16 08:05:2714m 58s
tenting spot2017-10-16 08:29:2223m 55s
1282017-10-16 08:50:5921m 37s
1292017-10-16 09:03:4712m 48s
1302017-10-16 09:12:158m 28s
chanterelles2017-10-16 09:25:2413m 9s
1312017-10-16 09:46:3921m 15s
1322017-10-16 10:05:4819m 9s
goat lake main2017-10-16 10:12:066m 18s